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Dear brother/sister,
this is a short introduction to the project “Mosque Al-Ummah Expansion Plan”. Please donate generously and support the entire Muslim community in Munich to be rewarded by Allah.

Please note that the displayed donation amount consists of donations via this website, online platforms and direct donations to our bank and PayPal account. 

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In the vicinity of Feldmoching/Lerchenau in Munich, near the current location of the mosque. Muslims from all communities and regions are addressed and encouraged to support this good deed.

In order not to inconvenience the residents of the neighborhood, especially through parking problems on Fridays and during Ramadan, it is planned that the location of the mosque will be outside a crowded neighborhood, ideally in an industrial area. At the same time, good public transport connections are required.

Size of the mosque: 700m² plus covered area. Separate rooms for men and women should be included.
Estimated purchase price: 2 million €.
Required minimum capital to secure the Halal loan with the Turkish bank: 200,000 €.
Estimated monthly loan rate: 10,000 €
Estimated monthly salary for imam and incidental expenses: 3,000 €
Required total monthly support: approx. 11,000 – 13,000 €

Time frame

The landlord of the current mosque facility has served a notice of termination, which is currently extended on month to month basis. The goal of the Mosque Committee is to complete the entire process of relocation, including the selection of the new facility, the granting of credit and the purchase at the earliest, so we can ensure that we do not have to close the mosque permanently and have no place to go once 30 days notice is served by the landlord of the current building.


In view of the long-standing desire and the necessity to expand the Ummah Mosque in Munich, we believe that all Muslim brothers and sisters are the members of our project team! We encourage your support to help us achieve this project together and work with us purely on voluntary basis. We address all members of the Muslim community including those who are the residents in Munich or anywhere else in the world, to support and contribute to this good deed.

Donation opportunities

We offer several ways to participate in donations. The accounts all serve the sole purpose of collecting donations.

Through the website set up especially for the project, you can choose from many different payment methods (e.g. Paypal, credit card).

Bank transfer:
Name: Cultural Association for German-speaking Muslims
Address: Lerchenstraße 5 – 80995 Munich
DE21 5023 4500 0389 7300 01
Name of the bank
KT Bank AG

DE73 7004 0041 0220 7348 00
Name of the bank
Commerzbank AG

Simply over this link:

Refund Policy

The Mosque Committee is committed to offering each individual donor a full refund if we do not complete this project by the end of the calendar year 2022.

Time to Donate!

Considering the limited time we have to secure funding and complete this project, we humbly request our respected donors for their commitments to be fulfilled and deposited at earliest. Donations can be made by bank transfer, using online payment methods available from this website or in cash to the project committee against a receipt. If you do not pay your promised donations within the given time frame, this project will experience significant delays. We thank you for your understanding and support in this regard.

Mosque Management

No changes in the current management team are planned. The same team that has managed the day-to-day affairs of the current Ummah Mosque facility for 30 years will continue to support the new mosque facility Insha Allah.

Project Coordinators

  1. Abdul Wahid Memon (Member of the mosque’s management team)
    Mobile: +49 157 31436007
  2. Rana Nawaz (Member of the mosque’s management team)

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